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Investment Management for Long-Term Financial Health

Investment management is a core component of your financial health. Realizing your short and long-term goals demands strategies is only the first step, though. At Ross & Mary Hunt, Inc., we focus on quality investments according to your risk tolerance and goals.

Investment Management, Simplified:

We know you're not a Wall Street trader, so we won't talk to you like one. We keep things simple so you understand what we're doing, and the value it brings to your portfolio. Here is our investment management process:

  1. Your Goals, Our Expertise - as financial advisors, there are thousands of financial products that we can invest our client's money into. We pick investments that align with your goals, time range, and have a track record of success.
  2. Relevant - we're not your typical "set it and forget it" advisor. We always seek the best investments for our clients, which means that we update or change investments based on performance, market conditions, and other relevant factors that could affect your portfolio.
The Investment Management Process

The Investment Management Process

Investment management is more than buying and selling stocks, and we may include any of the following in our approach:

  • Asset allocation
  • Tax planning
  • Budgeting
  • Stock selection and trading
Why Plan At All?

Why Plan At All?

It's no secret that financial planning is critical to achieving one's financial goals. But when do you need to start planning? How do you plan for multiple goals at once?

Well, we help answer the question when do you need a plan and hopefully give you a more wholistic view of financial planning and the value it has in peoples' lives.

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