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Financial Planning Centered on Your Values

You have strong values that guide your everyday life; you should be able to incorporate them into your financial decisions and strategies, too. At Ross & Mary Hunt, Inc., Values-Based™ financial planning is the foundation for building every client’s financial plan. Your values determine our strategies for a holistic approach to financial health.

What Is Values-Based™ Financial Planning?

Your financial fitness involves more than your income and savings. To work towards your short- and long-term goals, you need strategies that strive to grow your wealth and preserve your assets now and into the future. Your plan also needs to be flexible enough to adapt to changes in your life or the markets. At Ross & Mary Hunt, Inc., we incorporate your core beliefs into the wealth management process and apply them to develop strategies that reflect your unique situation.

How Does Values-Based™ Financial Planning Work?

How Does Values-Based™ Financial Planning Work?

When you work with us, we take the time to build a relationship with you and understand your values and life and financial goals. Your wealth advisor walks you through the four key steps of the financial planning process:

  1. Discovery
  2. Analysis
  3. Implementation
  4. Monitoring

As we move through the process, your core values and priorities guide our actions, providing you with more fulfilling results than the traditional approach to financial planning. If you’re ready to create a holistic health plan, get in touch to get started.

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