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Widow or Divorcee FAQs

We can help answer any sudden loss financial questions you might have...

  • Do I have the right amount of risk in my investments?
  • I’m worried that I’ll lose everything & end up with nothing! (Bag Lady Syndrome). How can I manage risk for that?
  • How can I organize my finances to reduce my stress?
  • I just received a huge divorce settlement. What should I do with all this money to preserve what I have?
  • What in the world is a step-up basis, and can it help me?
  • When my spouse passed, he/she had IRAs and retirement plans; what are my options to take those monies (other than one lump sum) to benefit me or our heirs?
  • I need income from my investments. How much can I comfortably take?
  • I’m tired of so many statements! What do I need to do to consolidate my investments now?
  • Do I qualify for widow(er)/divorcée social security benefits as part of my retirement income strategy?