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Business Owner Financial Planning FAQs

We can help answer any business owner financial questions you might have...

Risk management is often of vital importance to business owners and having someone coordinate all aspects of their financial lives allows them to concentrate on running their business in the most effective way.

  • What type of business form should I use for my particular business?

  • What kind of retirement plan can I use and which would be suitable for my needs.

  • I'm selling my business. (this time frame and the underlying decisions are very similar to retirement. In many cases business owners are going to deal with more available cash than they ever had.)

  • What do I do with my investments? Are there any strategies that I can use to potentially lower my taxes?

  • What are the possible catastrophes that I need to be aware of so that I can conserve my business. I need to be aware of and plan for the estate tax planning issues so that my heirs can potentially receive more than the IRS!

  • I need help with a business succession plan. What should I do?