Our Work

Ross & Mary Hunt, Inc. provides personalized wealth management for small business owners, physicians, dentists, & corporate executives.  Our clients are located around the entire country, but are concentrated within Southern California and Central Ohio.

Our practice has evolved and includes several sub-specialties.  Among these are independent women (sometimes referred to as "suddenly single"); these widowed or divorced women are very often in need of a trusted counselor or advisor.

Through additional education and experience, we have become specialists in answering questions regarding company retirement and individual retirement (IRA) plans.

We are well-qualified to research and answer complex retirement plan questions like:

  • Whether or not a Roth IRA conversion is indicated or appropriate?
  • How best to rollover a company retirement plan?, or
  • How should I structure the distribution of my company retirement plan?

 Here are some examples:

Examples represented in this presentation are not indicative of all client experiences.  Each client has unique circumstances and the examples presented are only meant to illustrate various situations individuals make when handling their investments.  Examples presented should not be interpreted as a guarantee of future performance or success. 


Selected Client Profiles (names and certain details have been changed to protect privacy)


♦  John and Susan –This business owner and wife are in their late 40s. The success of their business placed John and Susan in a position where they needed a "quarterback" to manage their significant investment assets, assist in retaining competent estate-planning counsel, and initiate a plan for charitable-gift planning.  Ross & Mary Hunt, Inc. serves in these roles, and were retained to oversee investments of more than $3.5 million in brokerage accounts, $275,000 in children custodial accounts and $375,000 in retirement accounts.
♦  Lynn – This practicing physician retained Ross & Mary Hunt, Inc to manage her $2.75 million IRA Rollover account (formerly in her practice's group retirement plan), and her modest, but aimed at growing, new practice retirement plan account.
♦  Don and Sharon – This mid-40s healthcare executive and wife retained Ross & Mary Hunt, Inc. to manage $4.5 million in brokerage and IRA rollover assets, provide direction for Don's 401(k) account, and advise Don as he exercises various stock options granted him by his publicly-held corporate employer.
♦  Richard and Helen – This central Ohio area physician and wife hired Ross & Mary Hunt, Inc. to manage over $6.0 million in investments, including a $5.0 million self-directed retirement plan account.
The remaining $1.0 million in assets includes brokerage accounts, custodial and 529 college savings accounts for grandchildren.  In addition to investment management, this couple looks to our firm for advice in estate and charitable-gift planning.

♦  Judy and George – This mid-40s corporate executive and her husband retained Ross & Mary Hunt, Inc. to manage a $1.35 million brokerage, a $425,000 IRA Rollover, and $280,000 in custodial accounts for their children. Ross & Mary Hunt, Inc. also assists this couple with charitable gift and tax-planning issues.
♦  Tom and Francis – This retired SoCal physician and his wife met with Ross & Mary several years ago when considering retirement.  Ross & Mary Hunt analyzed their situation, provided cash flow projections from investments, and recommended appropriate changes with a goal of reducing risk and volatility, yet allow for a satisfactory return.  Tom and Francis engaged Ross & Mary Hunt, Inc. for post-retirement money management of about $7.5 million in brokerage, trust and retirement account investment assets.
♦  Steve – This recently retired partner from a major law firm engaged Ross & Mary Hunt, Inc. to manage his $1.4 million IRA Rollover (formerly in his law firm retirement plan account).  One factor in Steve retaining Ross & Mary Hunt, Inc. was his wife's comfort level with our firm, as she was not sophisticated in investment matters.